In order to reach a new college campus, Awaken partners with existing local churches or denominations to launch Awaken in that area. Here’s how we do it:​


Through this partnership with a local church/denomination, a campus pastor will be selected and commissioned to develop a Christian community at a nearby university.


The campus pastor will begin to build relationships with young adults on campus or in the area.


Through these relationships, the campus pastor will gather a team of around 10 young adults who are committed to seeing an awakening at their university.


Once the team has been formed and relationships strongly established, a launch service will be scheduled at that specific college campus, or at the partner church if needed.


At this point, the campus pastor will go through the proper channels to have Awaken become a student organization at the university with the help of Awaken’s Campus Planting Director.


Once the launch service has taken place, Awaken’s four layers of community will be implemented and weekly gatherings will begin.

In terms of the church partnership, as the ministry grows the campus pastor will continue to encourage the incoming young adults to attend the specific partner church in the area. Additionally, it’s not required but is highly recommended that the pastoral staff of the partner church attend certain Awaken events (even occasionally preaching/teaching) so that the students at Awaken can build and foster relationships not only with the campus ministry, but the partner church as well.