The Mission

Our mission is to help young adults become deeply rooted followers of Jesus who pray for an awakening. We seek to accomplish this through our Four Layers of Community, The Foundation, and the Awaken Campuses Podcast.

Four Layers of Community



Awaken United Services take place once each college semester as we gather 18-30 year-olds from across all of our Awaken Campuses and the greater Midwest to Indianapolis, IN for a night of worship. These gatherings are intended celebrate what God is doing across all of our campuses and in our region, energizing our people to go back to their campus/city and live out the gospel in everyday life.



On each of our campuses Awaken has at least three Worship Nights per semester. These events are campus-specific services that include preaching and worship through music, and have a unique feel depending on the culture of the school and Awaken community present there. Worship Nights are spaces where anyone can encounter the presence of God through the word, worship, and body of Christ, functioning as believer-oriented events that are also great entry points for anyone who does not yet know Jesus.



Discipleship Nights are gatherings of the Awaken community where the campus pastor teaches from the word. As the pastor teaches, time is given throughout the evening for round-table discussion and intentional interaction between those present. Discipleship Nights function as times to ask questions, discuss important biblical topics, and go deeper in the understanding of God’s word.



D-Groups (discipleship groups) are groups of 3-5 people of the same gender that meet once a week to read scripture, have personal accountability, and to pray for each other and their campus. D-Groups are the place where our people find intimate and deep relationship, empowering them to truly understand and live out the commands of Christ in every aspect of their lives.

The Foundation

A program where young adults are paired up with a mentor who can walk them through the foundation of the Christian faith.

Awaken Campuses Podcast

An ongoing conversation coming out of our young adult community about what it looks like to follow Jesus in today's cultural climate.